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The Raptor Pliers combines the convenience of the comfortable push-button adjustment on the workpiece and the function of an all-purpose tightening tool. Great additions to your basic toolset. Comfortable vinyl handles for a firm, non-slip grip. Then you use it and put it right back. If you need to twist a lot of things with your slip-joint pliers, you’ll want them as comfortable as possible to reduce wrist fatigue. Beyond that, these are too small for everyday use in the home. It’s an unspoken drawback of this kind of tool that when you slide the joint, sometimes it’ll jiggle. The best tools will usually have multi-angle shear force plates and ergonomic handles. Since that might involve the nut falling off, it also means that every use could potentially be their last. Retaining Ring Pliers. Stiffener, strain reliefs, tip protector, and a screwdriver are some of the most important accessories a good tool must-have. Hi there! They have two curved jaws. Auto Glass Tech, New Jersey. Slip Joint Pliers. The steel is comparable to that in Snap-On's tools and the price is just a bit better. Single and double-arm versions are available in a wide variety of plain wire cutters and finger-gripping chisels. I have been a business owner for 30 years and have used your tools since the beginning. 8" SLIP PLIERS read more. These are pliers with the jaws aligned with the handle, so that when you pull the handles open, the jaws follow suit. They have two layers of teeth; Fine teeth near the front are designed to hold small objects and nails, while the rough teeth on the back are designed to hold heavy nuts and bolts. The Crescent Tools 5 … TNI-U TU216 6 Inch Slip Joint Pliers Cutting Hand Tools Round Fish Nose Electrical Wire Cable Cutter Clamp Stripper Crimper - 5skidproof handle and have a long life. MAXPOWER 10” Box Joint Pliers – Industrial Grade Slip Joint Pliers made of Drop-forged Chrome Vanadium (CR-V) Steel More Info and Images DURABLE CR-V STEEL – Drop-forged chrome vanadium alloy steel is heat-treated for enhanced strength and long-lasting durability. $26.99 - $216.59 #2. A decent set of slip-joint pliers can spare you from having to buy two or three sets of standard-jaw pliers. It’s not their size, it’s also their design, which is kind of shoddy. These multi purpose fence pliers are available in hammer hear hardened and tempered. CONVENIENT FOR: Perfect for DIY home maintenance, garden projects, and more. Slip joints are used when the main problem is a large axial motion. ​Our first pliers set review is for Irwin Vise-Grip Groove-lock … What are a few brands that you carry in slip joint pliers? There are multiple varieties of straight slip joint pliers including thin nose, thick nose, regular, and multiple slip joint pliers which allow more than two pivot positions. However, the fewer the number, the stronger the grip tends to be and the less prone the tool is to wear and tear. Built from durable nickel chromium steel, induction-hardened cutting edge remains sharper and longer. Pliers with lever release open when you press the lever. Its manufacturers have included a serrated jaw to increase the firmness of its grip, a permalock fastener that helps to eliminate bolt and nut failure, and a high-carbon C1080 steel build that includes electronic coating to prevent rusting. and hex shapes, More groove positions offer the optimum hand location for an improved grip on the workpiece, Non-slip, anti-pinch ProTouch Grips offer additional comfort and minimize hand fatigue, Ratcheting action permits GrooveLock pliers to be adjusted from the open position up to the workpiece by pushing the handle up while not press the button, IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers set includes 8-inch and 10-inch GrooveLock plyers, Each try of plyers contains a press-and-slide button that easily adjusts the lower jaw, Drop cast chrome alloy steel for strength and sturdiness, Hardened accurate machined jaws last longer and grip higher. You spend just a little money and get something you can store until you need it for a few minutes. 88 2-Piece set Multi-zone bi-material grips offer more comfort and control Drop forged steel for great strength as well as durability IRWIN Tools 8-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers – Best Value, 25 Essential HVAC Tools List: Different Types & Their Uses, 22 Free DIY Pizza Oven Plans You Can Build Today (Wood-Fired, Clay & Brick). You can also use a rotary tool or rotary cutter to create hand tools for work that requires precision. It’s basic competence, and honestly, the price isn’t all that bad. Then you use it and put it right back. The advantage of slip-joint pliers is that you can quickly adjust the width of the jaws. CHANNELLOCK ® pliers are manufactured in the United States. We hope you found value in our reviews and can use them to help better hone your choice when shopping. The Crescent pliers are durable, well-built best slip joint pliers that last longer if you use them through some heavy-duty use. Some slip-joint pliers have the same insulation and safety ridge as lineman’s pliers. Curved-jaw pliers are the most common style and provide a good grip on a variety of shapes. Jaw gripping with zero backlash prevents slipping on the bolt head or rounding edges. What used. KNIPEX Tools - Cobra XS Water Pump Pliers(87 00 100) 4.9 out of 5 stars 8,309. I like their slip joint pliers, which have a narrower nose than most brands. They’re great for both professionals and DIYers. If you buy the Wilde Tool G262FP, you’re probably going to like what you buy. V-jaw pliers give you the best grip on round stock, tubing, and pipe. We manufacture a wide assortment of multi purpose Slip Joint Plier that finds extensive application and is acknowledged for their sturdiness, strength and durability. Channellock 528 8-Inch Slip Joint Plier – Top Pick, 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Discover now our comparison of the best Slip-Joint Pliers. Slip Joint Pliers. 6" Slip Joint Pliers ; High carbon alloy tool steel drop forged and heat treated for maximum durability. Black phosphating of the jaws gives great rust and corrosion prevention. Right angle teeth grip allows for maximum bite. The Knipex is among the best slip joint pliers perfect for small and hard… Item #464637. These Crescent slip-joints are multi … However, it’s not that much more affordable than even the most expensive set of slip-joint pliers. For most households, the IRWIN Tools 8-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers are a great junk drawer purchase. The Channellock 528 pliers are well-built, durable and will last a really long time even if you put them through some savage use. They’re a great tool for everyone’s toolbox, from people who just need a set every so often to people who work with their hands all the time and prize speed and efficiency. TEKTON 5866 12-Inch Oil Filter Pliers 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,647. One of the best received slip joint joint pliers was the 6.5 inch, USA-made Channellock pliers. One significant drawback is the design. Your email address will not be published. What we didn’t like about it is the price. That makes these TEKTONs less than optimal for anything except pretty specialized use. Wilde Tool G262FP Slip Joint Pliers – The Runner-Up, 3. Igarashi IPS PH-165. These pliers are also comfortable to use, so not only will the tool last, but so will your wrists. With all the appropriate accessories, a set of slip-joint pliers is essential to every electrician, plumber or DIYers. This is the best slip joint pliers for increased ease of cutting. You can get something bigger that does a better job for the same amount of money . This is an outstanding set of pliers. Not with this one. It’s not an exhaustive list, but when coupled with our buyers’ guide, it will hopefully give you an idea of what to look for when shopping and help you buy the best pliers possible. Product Title HART 8-inch Groove Joint Pliers, Hardened Teeth, Com ... Average rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $8.88 $ 8 . That means these pliers are at a high risk to break every time you use them. $8.49. If budget is your primary concern, the IRWIN Tools 8-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers offer great for-dollar value. This is the best slip joint pliers for extra-tough cutting. That especially goes if you pair them with our buyers’ guide, which is intended to help you get a better idea of what to look for. They are very affordable on every budget. A versatile pair of pliers is built of hardened steel with a durable slip joint jaw that adjusts for extra wide reach. That means a tougher time grabbing on to things that require a wide jaw for proper grip. Right angle and laser heat-treated teeth grip is better to last longer, Undercut tongue and groove design assures it will not slip, PERMALOCK fastener prevents a nut and bolt failure, Patented reinforcing edge helps to reduce stress breakage, CHANNELLOCK made of high-carbon steel for excellent performance on the job and highly coated for superior rust prevention, CHANNELLOCK BLUE grips offers more comfort, Press-n-Slide buttons change lower jaws 2X quicker than ancient groove joint pliers, All-purpose v-jaws grip on spherical, flat, sq. I have a great passion for writing about everything related to tools, home improvement, and DIY. Anti-pinch and non-slip ProTouch Grips for better comfort, control, and reduced hand fatigue. DROP FORGED POLISHED STEEL: Features a heat-treated durable body construction, HARDENED CUTTING EGDES: Long-lasting and increased cutting ease with better performance, COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Double-dipped coating guarantees secure and safe non-slip handling. For most people, slip-joint pliers aren’t going to take a savage beating. A reliable pair of slip joint pliers for day-to-day repairs $ 2 99. Most pliers are made of some kind of steel alloy with a metal additive to help resist corrosion. You spend just a little money and get something you can store until you need it for a few minutes. The TEKTON 6-½ Inch Slip Joint Pliers and the Klein Tools 6-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers could both work in a pinch, but are too small for most homeowner applications. Craftsman CMHT81713 at $7.98. Slip-joint pillars are versatile tools that are used to hold and bend hardware. If you’re an average homeowner looking for slip-joint pliers, the hardware aisle of your local big box store might be a bit confusing. All things being otherwise equal, your choice comes down to price. Sleep Joint Pillars are a perfect tool for everyone’s toolbox, who always need a set of hands-on people and for great speed and efficiency. For heavy-duty clipping trimming or cutting, a variety of different attachments are available in different makes and designs. Once more Channellock delivers the goods with a high … The CHANNELLOCK Straight Jaw Best Slip Joint Plier can be the perfect tool for completing home and garage needs. Made in USA. It’s poorly made, and the slip joint is held secure by an external nut. This set is very much like the Snap-On one, containing slip joint pliers, channel locks, needle nose pliers and a set of diagonal cutters. My name is Adam and I write for HealthyHandyman. For most homeowners, a good set of 7-inch slip-joint pliers will work for just about everything around the house. Knipex 8603180 7-Inch Pliers Wrench, 2 Pack If you need to access a tight space, there are different lengths of handles (these jobs are ones that might call for tongue-and-groove pliers). Multi-zone bi-material grips offer more comfort and control, Drop forged steel for great strength as well as durability, Precision machined jaws provide gripping and holding, Forged-steel construction to provide a durability, Machined jaws help to grip items safely for better control, Hardened cutting edges deliver extra-tough and convenient cutting, Cushioned double-dipped handle allows for more comfort and assure a safe as well as secure grip, Available in seven basic type pliers and adjustable wrench in multiple sizes that are ideal to be used on mostly any object. $11.99. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. This is the best slip joint pliers for industrial applications. The bottom line is that there are better options available. Pipe supports are usually slipped joints that allow for thermal expansion or contraction of the pipe associated with support. The WORKPRO Most Durable Best Slip Joint Pliers can be the valuable and perfect addition to your toolbox. Pliers with quick release are easier to open with one hand than lever release— push the handles open with your fingers. For everyday work, a set of standard pliers is just what you want. Update Privacy Preferences VIEW PRODUCT Do it 6 In. The set includes: Included with 8-inch groove joint, 8-inch and 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch linesman, 6-inch and 4.5-inch long nose, and 6-inch diagonal pliers. CRAFTSMAN PLIERS SLIP JOINT DIAGONAL LONG NOSE ARC TRUGRIP ADJ WRENCH The best thing to say about the Klein Tools 6-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers is that they will hold things in their jaws when you close the handle. if you have bigger jobs, there are bigger sets of pliers. If you need to turn pipes or loosen a lot of nuts where you need a little extra leverage, tongue-and-groove pliers are an option to consider. Healthyhandyman is reader-supported. They can also be protected with the appropriate sealant to guard against damage from the sun, dust, and rain. On some tools, the jaws can lock onto the jaws or even a large file when the blades are not open. Homeowners looking for a set to put in a toolbox will be disappointed. This is the best slip joint pliers for daily home needs. CRAFTSMAN is the Best Slip Joint Pliers Set which is made of drop forged steel to provide better strength and durability. This is the best slip joint pliers for high-quality construction. By: KNIPEX Tools. Darlene. The jaws on slip joint pliers can be opened to two different widths for convenience and versatility. Slip-joint pliers have a pivot point that can be moved to increase or decrease the range of the jaws. They have excellent gripping and tightening applications and usually come in 6” and 8” lengths. Slip-joint pliers. Slip-joint pliers are versatile tools that are used for gripping and bending hardware. It’s a budget-friendly arrangement based on the idea that when you need the tool, it’ll be available. I have been using the same pair of Wilde slip-joint pliers for about 15 years and no one is allowed to touch them! Slip-joint pliers provide the same kind of versatility as an adjustable wrench. There are a few different tasks for which they are especially handy, like helping to separate a nut-and-bolt set or holding something fast of varying depth. The first rule in buying tools is to understand what the work you’re doing calls for. If you want a basic model of slip-joint pliers, you’re probably looking for an eight-inch set of pliers. Engineered bi-material anti-slip grips. Add to Cart + Add to My List. Slip-Joint – slip joint pliers are good for working with smaller objects. Product Overview. They’ll get used once in a while and put back in the junk drawer or a toolbox. This is the best slip joint pliers for reducing hand fatigue. Slip joint pillars come in different sizes and have some strange features depending on the product. A primary use for these would be to hold a nut fast while you’re turning the bolt, either with a screwdriver or a wrench. If you use it frequently and put it under pressure, a set that includes nickel or chromium will last longest. The more the settings, the greater the number of jobs you can do. That allows the handles to stay at the same width, as opposed to standard slip-joint pliers where the handles get wider as the jaws do. Most slip-joint pliers come with two or three different widths that you can adjust to. Knowing what kind of jaws are best suited for each task, the size you need and what materials to look for will help you get a great tool. Here they are, the original classic. Some other types of pliers that we’ve blogged about: We liked the Channellock 528 8-Inch Slip Joint Pliers best. The adjustable jaw comes in handy because you can widen it depending on the size of the nut. We took a look at some models so we could share our reviews with you. 8″ Slip Joint Pliers, Polished G263P $ 17.80 – $ 19.10 8″ Slip Joint Pliers, Flush Fastener G263FP $ 20.70 – $ 22.20 8″ Slip Joint Pliers, Black Oxide, G263.B $ 17.00 – $ 18.40 8″ Hose Clamp Pliers … Many pliers sets have one of each size. Beyond their price, however, you’re likely to be disappointed if you buy these as a general set of slip-joint pliers for your toolbox. The Wilde Tools G262FP Slip Joint Pliers came up just a little short and took our runner-up rank. I hope you all enjoyed. They are comfortable to use, well built, do a great job and are nice and taut when you adjust them. There are specialized sets of tools that will create a professional look by setting off trim work or making fine handwork even finer. CRAFTSMAN is the Best Slip Joint Pliers Set which is made of drop forged steel to provide better strength and durability. Next, there are important accessories that every tool must-have. 3with anti-slip sticky plastics for its handle, it has a good sense of grasp. What is the main purpose of slip joint pliers? This is the best slip joint pliers for better durability and strength. While a splinter can be rather unsightly, it’s still worth doing your homework to find the best available slip-joint pliers for your particular needs. Slip joint pliers are used to fit, cut, shape, and secure an assortment of different types of materials. They have two levels of teeth; the fine teeth located near the front are designed for gripping small objects and nails, while the coarse teeth located toward the back are designed for gripping bulky nuts and bolts. Angled vs Straight Finish Nailers: Which is Best for Your Needs. $7.29. Instead of sliding both jaws apart and locking them in place, with tongue-and-groove you are sliding the lower jaw along the upper jaw. We carry KNIPEX, Klein Tools, URREA and more. $5.29. Get free shipping on qualified Best Rated Slip Joint Pliers or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Tools department. GEARWRENCH Heavy-duty Best Slip Joint Plier suitable for gripping, twisting, cutting, or bending wire or cable in professional, industrial, and home uses. Channellock 369 9.5-Inch Lineman’s Pliers. One available option is a set of different-sized slip-joint pliers. AN ELITE CAFEMEDIA LIFESTYLE PUBLISHER. If you are looking for the best slip joint pliers of high-grade construction then you pick this Kobalt Slip Joint Pliers. Now you can go out and find the right set. 8" SLIP JOINT PLIERS read more. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Best Slip Joint Pliers offers a ProTouch grips that helps to deliver maximum comfort and reduces hand fatigue. In my spare time, I'm either fishing, playing the guitar, or spending quality time with my beloved wife. IRWIN is Highly Known Best Slip Joint Pliers that are made from durable nickel chromium steel to provide an efficient cutting. If you did Please LIKE, Comment, and Subscribe. VIEW PRODUCT Channellock 6 In. And as you will discover, the best Slip-Joint Pliers are not always the ones at the highest prices! Best Sellers in Slip-Joint Pliers #1. These tools have the power to do more than simply just hold clippings together. This is the best slip joint pliers that can be a perfect addition to the garage. The materials include whatever the handle grip is made from. Variable-size jaws are an ideal solution for many household needs. 1. The best way to guarantee success is buying the right set. Kobalt 6-in Slip Joint Pliers with Wire Cutter. Probably the biggest thing these pliers have going for them is their price. CRESCENT Slip-Joint Pliers. Flush rivet design delivers stronger pivot, will not loosen, better access - overall narrower. Here I am going over Snap On, Matco, and Gearwrench Slip Joint Pliers. One thing we didn’t like was that the jaws are a bit too thin. Always make sure you get the best possible accessory available for your equipment, and you’ll be well on your way to a much longer career. VIEW PRODUCT Do it 8 In. You'll also often find me in my workshop working on some new project! Get it now on Your email address will not be published. 2special convex edge, and enhance the ability to clamp. If design quality is what you’re after, it’s not so terribly expensive as to be a foolish purchase, but the performance advantage just doesn’t justify most people going that route. We’re talking about a total savings of a couple of dollars, so we’d really want to see better results in using the tool to warrant a better ranking. Looking for the best Slip-Joint Pliers? © Copyright 2020 HealthyHandyman. Required fields are marked *. $11.59 - $31.98 #3. Other than the adjustable pivot, slip-joint pliers are identical to lineman’s pliers. If you’re an average homeowner, most work can be done with two settings, although having the third is always helpful if your toolbox isn’t all that filled with options. They also deliver this quality at a price that isn’t elevated above the rest of the class. This is the best slip joint pliers for a better grip while working. Other specialized attachments are used for work that requires precise maneuvering. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top slip joint pillars and came up with the first ten slip joint pillars. The top-selling slip joint pliers product is the Channellock 8 in. In addition, the material in these products is generally made with very smooth surfaces. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of models, all at different prices. All rights reserved. For most households, the IRWIN Tools 8-Inch Slip-Joint Pliers are a great junk drawer purchase. Corrosion resistance set is a big issue in tool construction. Specially made for gripping and turning round objects such as pipes, rods, and pins, Curved jaws combination features a machined gripping teeth and wire cutter, Built from forged carbon steel and precisely machined, toughen and more tempered, Curved back handles provide better leverage and reduced slip, Exclusive rounded inside edges offers more comfort, End texture grips allows convenient access.

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