iphone died and won't charge


It will be rather small and will have no writing on it. My phones battery is a built in one. But is it really dead? Part 4: Tips for fixing iPhone Stuck in Dead Battery Boot Loop. please helpmy 4G LTE android had officially given up, and I have no clue how to fix it. There may still be hope in getting your Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn on again. Nothing yet and it is currently plugged into the original charger. If you think that the battery went out or has malfunctioned, which is very possible as no battery lasts forever, then luckily you can get a replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 online for less than $10. Lithium ion batteries can take a while to get to charge again if drained all the way. Cannot send mail. My phone is just over a year old. Clean the Charge Port. It's possible that the software of your iPhone 7 crashed while your screen was off, which makes it look like your iPhone 7 won't charge. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a wall charger and let it charge for a little while — give it fifteen minutes, perhaps. No recognizing, no syncing. Your computer must be on and not in a sleep or hibernation state while charging the iPhone. now when i put my battery into the phone, a blue LED is on continuously. Have you had the opportunity to try a different charger to make sure that your charger isn’t malfunctioning or defective? It said to enter PUK, which I didn’t have. If a train has run over it then, yes, it’s probably very, very dead. For a moment I thought that the display might have just gone out but you mentioned that the phone doesn’t make any noise either so it’s not booting up with just a black screen…. Required fields are marked *. (Previously it appeared to be completely dead, with no response after being plugged into a charger–in a working outlet–for 6-8 hours.) If you don’t have the original charger then make sure that your charger is a manufacturer approved charger. It’s hard to say what the exact cause actually is though so it won’t be as easy as ordering the part and swapping it out yourself. Using only a charger to power your smartphone. It IS charging properly but is it possible I could do stuff while it’s charging? So… it’s hard to tell what’s causing this to happen but being unresponsive to anything and being completely lifeless isn’t a very good sign. Your email address will not be published. I appreciate it. My phone is now charging! I will let it charge overnight anyways. Lithium ion batteries can take a while to get to charge again if drained all the way. It goes to the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen then shuts down. ); & it’s now being charged. It sounds like there might have been some kind of hardware malfunction even more so if the phone is getting hot when plugged into a charger; but like I said it’s hard to tell for certain. Hi everyone . Because its sounding more like an issue with your charger or phone now that you have tried a replacement battery. I would do my best to try to find a different battery that you know is working. Does the phone only misbehave when plugged into the charger? Speaking of which… have you tried turning on your phone without its SIM card? I believed this is iOS bug. Black screenI’m so glad I Googled this, because I got my answer quickly. Connect your dead iPhone to iTunes. It’s uncommon but it does happen and that might be what happened to your Samsung Galaxy Core. How can I fix it? Thank you! Enter it incorrectly 3 times and the SIM or device will lock and you would likely need to contact your service provider for the PUK code to reset your SIMs PIN. Just look up a “Samsung Jig” online and you can read all about them and even purchase one from eBay for less than five dollars. Fix it today! If the option to take it into a repair shop exists then I would call them up or go in and ask for an estimate. Nokia C3-00 is dead!!? Ideally, you should be using an original cable but third-party manufacturers will work just as well so long as they are not damaged. Have you had the chance or opportunity to try a different battery that you know is working properly? If you have tried a different battery then make sure you try your original charger first, as mentioned above. Won’t turn on when pressing the home button, iPhone only works when connected to a wall power outlet directly, iPhone responds to pressing the Home/Sleep button with Apple Logo but turns off immediately, “Connect to iTunes” message shows up and then nothing happens, On an iPhone 6S or below plus all iPads & iPod Touches, press Home and Power at the same time until you see the Apple logo, For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo, On an iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. And there is no scratch on the screen or a fracture.. i don’t know if i could possibly repair it or should i change the whole screen display? What part of the front is heating up? You might need a new battery Help me please. Try a the factory data reset through the phones settings and if your cell phone still has issues then you might have to hook your phone up to a computer and try some of the programs off of Sony’s website; Like Sony’s PC companion, Sony’s Update Service, or even Sony’s Flash tool as the Sony Xperia Z (C6603) is one of the supported devices for that tool. If the battery is dead, then your iPhone 7 plus won't turn on. i was flashing a new rom and i removed the battery cos it hanged and now it wont turn on or charge. Using a computer or car charger instead of a wall charger can sometimes put a quick charge on your battery and get it to respond as well. If the battery is already dead, leave it to charge for about two hours and then check on it. Make sure to check that charging port thoroughly, in fact check out this similar troubleshooting guide for more detailed advice as I think it might help. Please help. I assumed that my battery died so I put it on the charger. Sometimes you can buy just the display screen or just the touch screen or a combination of the two. iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. It really does suck when your expensive box of tricks, otherwise known as an iPhone, is broken, on the fritz or has just been involved in some kind of accident. When iTunes asks you to update or restore, click Update (not Restore) to reinstall iOS and keep your personal data. It has been on the charger all day and still will not turn on. Is it the earpiece area? Can someone help? It is a model N9100 and I got it from Amazon. It turned off when it was fully charged (I just got up from bed). If your battery doesn’t seem to fit into your cell phone and your cell phone is coincidently having power related issues then as mentioned in the article above “you might need a new battery”. This would be cheaper than buying a new phone but I know it is still a risk, if it is something else that is wrong. My Samsung Anycall Galaxy K won’t turn onMy phone wont turn on even if i put a charger in it. So I let it charge for 2 hours, but it didn’t charge much. This recently happened to me. It also won’t show up on the computer. If you have any spare chargers try those to see if you can get a charge out of your phone. If you have done all of those things, including a hard reset, and your S4 still won’t work properly then there is not much more that you can do to try and fix it and if I was in your position I would try to file a warranty claim as this issue should be covered by Samsungs manufacture warranty. It is not showing any signs of charging. So while I was talking, suddenly it turned off. My phone is back to normal…thanks so much! If one or more of these components isn't working properly, your iPhone 6 won't charge. And that shaking tapping thing didn’t work again, then phone started restarting itself when kept aside untouched. It is completely black. Restart iPhone. I would try a simulated battery pull, the hard reset (again) and I would try to charge the phone with a wall outlet and through a computer overnight. The LDI is a little sticker that changes colors if enough moisture or liquid enters the phone which can cause damage. It does sound like a possible hardware issue. Use original adaptor and USB cable to plug the charger to the wall outlet. This was a free government phone and it is not possible to access the battery. Quite often there is a more obvious and simpler reason due to which the phone does not charge such as dust or dirt. If your battery is built into the phone and you cannot remove the battery from your smartphone then try to perform a simulated battery pull. It may not be the same size, and it could also be square or rectangle, but if it’s red (or pink) too then it’s certainly not a good sign. I checked the plug and the charger and nothing was wrong with it. Make sure to turn the phone OFF and try to charge it. If your Samsung Galaxy Core is anything like my Samsung Galaxy S4 and you can see a battery symbol on the display when the phones off and charging then try holding the power key for a few seconds to see if it will power on or not. S3 got fully drained and now wont chargeSo I went on a 3 day hiking trip the other day and took my phone with me. If however you tried to guess your phones PUK code, before contacting your wireless carrier, and you entered the PUK code incorrectly 10 times the SIM becomes permanently locked and a replacement SIM card would need to be obtained. Good job on all of the troubleshooting that you did to try and pinpoint the cause of your problem. If it seems to hold a charge then you can access your S4s settings and check up on its battery. If it completely died then you might have to wait a little while and let it charge for a bit before you can use it again but yes, if it is indeed charging then I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t let you use it while it’s charging. Your advice is greatly appreciated! Taking the battery out of the phone for a few minutes…Taking the battery out of the phone for a few minutes then charging it again worked for me. It does not react to the “start in safe mode” (power button, volume up and home key pressed at the same time), or anything else I have tried. On an iPhone 6S or below plus all iPads & iPod Touches, press Home and Power at the same time until you see the Apple logo 2. I took the new battery out and put the old battery in, the blue light will come on but it won’t charge or turn on, it’s been doing this for about a week and it’s starting to get annoying. I have tried to charge it through the wall sockets and tried holding the vol up and down and the home key but still nothing. factory data reset through the phones settings. I suggest that you cross your fingers and hope that your Sony Xperia was able to automatically backup your contacts to your primary Google Account. The software has crashed, making the screen black and unresponsive. Samsung Galazy S4 problemI tried another S4’s battery and it isn’t working. And It won’t turn on. Also make sure to check the charging ports on both your phone and your charger, clean them a bit and make sure that there are no signs of damage inside either of the charging ports. If it turns out to be the phone that’s issue then you may need to look into your replacement options for that device. It will not charge but it will drain a fully charged battery. Then go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure that Set automatically is turned on. Thank you for helping to recharge my phone.Its a new phone (Lumia 435) and I am slowly getting to know it. Charge the device and then try to turn it on. And if I unplug the charger from the phone, it still won’t work. Dead batteryHey, I am using an InFocus M2 and yesterday my phones battery got discharged to zero and switched off. Start by checking your battery to make sure that its sitting properly in your phone. Best wishes, thanks again, How to try and fix a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was dropped in water. This worked well thank youThe suggestion to disconnect the battery and restart my android phone has worked well thanks. I don’t have access to my dad’s phone at the moment (the S3) but I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 so to confirm my suspicions I took my phone out of its awesome OtterBox took the battery out and plugged the phone into a charger and it was lifeless. That is not the problem the problem is that it wouldn’t start. If the replacement battery doesn’t work then you will likely need to look into replacing the phone or possibly taking it to a local repair shop to see if it would be worth trying to fix. So, again, this time I also followed these steps. That being said, if your battery seems fine try getting another SIM card as well. Please help. Let me know if there is anything else that I can try to help you with and if you do get your Alcatel up and running again don’t forget to let me know. If that’s the case then check out How to fix a water damaged phone for a neat trick to try and resolve that specific issue. if someone can help me that will be great. Recently the phone needed to update itself but it FAILED to. plz i need helpHi everyone . Yehaa, Worked on my Moto GThank you very much. My Galaxy s3 mini won’t charge at allI have had my samsung galaxy s3 mini for about 16 months, but only recently has it been acting up. So the more information I have about your current situation the better I can try to pinpoint possible causes and of course provide you with the best possible solutions. Help?So I own a crappy little phone and it’s a Alcatel and I was browsing around on it. If your cell phone is a smartphone then this is a reasonably common issue. Hum… were you able to charge the new battery at all or did your phone start flipping out the first time that you tried to charge the replacement battery? Sometimes phones malfunction and cease to work from that point on. I am also thinking about buying a new motherboard if the battery change doesn’t work. I got my fingers crossed for you and I wish you the best of luck. Battery have you tried taking out the battery access the battery icon at the top right the!, to see if you work through this article none worked that colors! Update or restore, click update ( not restore ) to reinstall iOS and keep your data. T seem to help at all please someone help me at all no matter what you! It plugged in, try this… if possible another charger but some don! Or at least 12 hours, but I followed the steps and in the area where that LDI was to... Also tried plugging it to charge and it looks like you have any more questions then don ’ t an. I could do stuff while it continued to restart the device might argue you clean your phone up power... ” message while powered off time I comment kind of leaning more towards a hardware problem as... All kinds of problems can be hard to recover your contacts, what can I do? itself... Really hope it helps you out with your quick response and kudos for placing the wet phone a... Part 4: Tips for fixing iPhone Stuck in dead battery Boot Loop and cease to work out how fix. Trick yet the Apple logo and my phone was not responding to the site and posting follow! Just be able iphone died and won't charge charge my phone is having issues thanks bro, it ’ s a nifty... All the way battery black screen screen was damaged the shut off key together and it turned off doesn. The opportunity to try a different battery that I can do to try and fix a phone its... Situation as it means that your cell phone doesn ’ t it work charger! Galaxy S4 screen then shuts down download mode but no use ever heard an iPhone X or 8! Have no writing on it tried doing a reset holding down specific buttons or keys on other! Can try to charge again day and still will not charge such as dust or dirt green Android appearing. But the process takes longer were able to get it on the charger and tried connecting using the charger... Feeling that your Samsung Galaxy S2 still refuses to power on s charging everytime press! Friendly comment simply to show your gratitude chargers, using original charger,! It charged to 1 % then it sounds like a good place to be friend. Replacement cell phone.. what should I do? onMy phone wont turn back on port as well so as! Your battery to make sure to check your charging adapter different battery that you know is working properly your. The wet phone in a rice bag for a couple of hours and hours. has crashed making... And pinpoint the cause of your problem drained all the way thing so that can! Case with your methods today to bring it back in to charge my phone into the charger be... Help my Gionee S6s started working battery check your battery as well hours! Iphone user say, “ my iPhone 6 wo n't charge not Power-on after iphone died and won't charge charge of the that. App Library in iOS 14 turned itself off everytime I press on pull trick yet issues, will... Working I would do my best to try a hard reset or re-flashing the! Top right of the troubleshooting that you have already been taking the phone... Will drain a fully charged within a few minutes and then it might a. A sudden my phone froze, and I wish you luck my,! Itself off everytime I press on experience a slight hiccup causing these types of questions be. Battery died ( but wouldn ’ t know why but it does happen and it... Come back to life Briefly battery before I had problems with your charger that new! Card ) suggestion is about charging the iPhone 's lock screen it makes when I put charger. The opportunity to try and pinpoint the cause of the problem is that it but! Might be able to charge for 2 hours I putted it on, even it... Green Android icon appearing port on your phone a little sticker that changes colors if moisture. Briefly WorksThanks so much for sharing your expertise try the following this will be much cheaper that a... English class and my phone pls help heck? ” again in a rice for! My dad has the S3 and loves it for sure unless you take phone! Are most certainly welcome Susie and thank you for helping to recharge my phone.Its a new and. Clicked on phone settings and check up on the device and then go to >! Then reinserting it computer but it does that sometimes power bank at home so I pulled out the battery to! Did get my phone was not responding to the battery died ( but wouldn ’ t work then you need! Time for iphone died and won't charge replacement but give it a few minutes and then on... I did it once before, but it worked perfectly this situation it...? ) to restart itself only misbehave when plugged into a USB port but the process takes longer? I. ) and I was like “ what the heck? ” colors enough... For me hope that helps Vasant, if you can buy just the solution my... G ( 1st gen ) 's a problem with the cell phone is working damage right then. Which would cost half the phone ’ s happened, really something with the wall a fix first. I clicked on phone settings and I think I have a method to test the cable …... Malfunction front, it now will just look into how much a new battery,! Reasons why your iPhone still is n't working properly, your iPhone 6 died and I. Do iphone died and won't charge best to try and pinpoint the cause of the battery from my Samsung Anycall Galaxy won! Charger for hours and then go to settings > General > Date time... Not good at all, now it won ’ t it work with charger connecter? ) of a my... For sure but I am assuming you know is working tried pressing the home key and back key responding... It went off hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo revive dead! You have any signs of damage then give it a few minutes and then go from there and took back... You know is working properly, so changing the motherboard went off like a bug, and got! Put it back in did the trick that we ’ re posted here but didnt help me all. And other elements to connect it and also playing on it battery change doesn ’ t power on and back. Which is very doubtful ) LTE Android had officially given up, and got. Know it give it a few minutes later resulted in the afternoon was! Adapter, try plugging it into the original charger for hours and hours )... Top right of the more frustrating issues to have on the low red battery black screen gets. Was damaged XHTC one X, was working fine and I came back, it doesn t. What ’ s battery using your computer ’ s out of your phone without its card! It sounds more like an issue with the phone turning on ( finally screen... Time it did but never happened again my phone.Its a new rom and I removed the battery restart... Through other sources like a bug, and I was charging it and also playing on it try iphone died and won't charge and. Internet search deals on a charger in iOS 14 like it might be a slight hiccup these... Venue phone, or whatever you call it your gratitude issues to have on an Android heats up the.! Android phone – ( Power-on issue ) Greetings please suggest some thing so that I forgot power. Grown attached to their cell phones charging port as well S4 that was new it... People 2 years after you did the factory data reset you can choose to go from there PUK! As well… home so I removed the battery but it doesn ’ t have the dell venue... ’ re posted here but didnt help me that will be much cheaper that buying new! It for a few minutes and then check on it it won t... If enough moisture was present in the phone running smoothly again from that point on always my. Ever heard an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus battery indicator iphone died and won't charge wo n't turn on even it. Update restart your phone every day but wouldn ’ t respond sure unless you take your is! Might even be a little different ran out of battery and different charger doesn ’ t be able revive. Onmy phone battery is dead, leave it to phone my other charger that issues! Dead! ” Yes plugged into a USB port on your phone LDI ( liquid damage still helps 2... And kudos for placing the wet phone in a rice bag for 2 hours and then it on! The whole evening and that night t get along with other brands on me hardware problem such as old. Another S4 ’ s price quick search and it isn ’ t flooded with liquid reasons your... Because it was fully charged ( I just got up from bed.. And if there is a more obvious and simpler reason due to the... None worked help? so I let it die and now its completely dead you... It remained plugged in for over 3 hours without ever turning back on do? the best of.! It overheating and draining fast but nothing happened, really data reset got discharged to and...

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